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Oyster Palooza
Rocker Oysterfeller's Kitchen + Saloon - Valley Ford, California
$15 presale; $20 at the door
The Great Russian River Race

December 4, 2012

For our final episode of "Church Marching Band Goes on Tour", we have for you a very random collection of photos and videos from New York. The first photos are from the day in which we allotted tourist time for ourselves. This tale begins with Church attempting to go to the Met, and Adam and Jeremy being denied admission due to their instruments. Instead, they embark on an adventure to 30 Rock, the NHL Hockey store, and Times Square, where Jeremy was selected for an interview with the Clinton Global Initiative regarding his political choices. His response immediately after? "Damn, I didn't make a single poop joke."


December 2, 2012

Even though we hadn't slept in a week and almost missed a Megabus to New York, we eventually did make it there. While New York included many shenanigans (eating too much pizza and indian food, Kalei drunkenly tackling Christine onto a sidewalk, Annie falling asleep on the floor of the subway at 3 AM, Joey exclaiming "HAIL SATAN" at an evangelist, and Church strippin' down -pasties for Annie and Jeremy- at a warehouse in Bushwick), we figured we'd start you out slow with some photos of us busking in Central Park. Yes, those photos are indeed of Church performing Gangnam Style. The video is probably on the internet somewhere.

December 1, 2012

One of the best parts about Honkfest is that it is no longer just one festival. It is simply just too awesome to not be constantly expanding. Thus, it has spawned multiple sister festivals, including one in Providence, RI called "Pronk". While Pronk may only be one day, they succesfully squeeze in everything HONK! represents. On our very first Pronk experience this year, we played one set by the docks, then paraded to the waterfront, all resulting in the final show at a venue called the Hot Club (the fateful place where Gaven and Ben sang Elton John and Travis threw a fishhead in Jesse's sousaphone. And also at Ben's face.). The photos of our first set were taken by photographer extraordinaire Jori Ketten.

November 30, 2012

Church Marching Band: BEHIND THE MUSIC

The following photos shall take you on a journey-- A very wild, tiring, drunken, and epic journey indeed. You are about to learn what we look like after staying up all night for our flight, drinking (the spiciest ass) bloody marys that Kalei's goddess of a mother made us for the ride to the airport. You will see true love, true style, making new friends (otherwise known as Josh sticking his finger up ENSMB's Joe's nose), and seeing old friends from home. Ricky will get dogpiled after arriving 5 minutes off his plane before set time, Kalei will showcase his awesome accordion mcgyvering, Jeremy will get funky, Ben will rock his yellow jetpack, and the lovely Annie will look fabulous and also like she is a popstar strung out on heroin (Yes, well we had just played 3 shows per day for an entire week.). Are you prepared for the truth? Get ready.

P.S. Red Bull, check those choice shots. We love you; you get us through tour with awesomeness. Sponsor us, please and thank you.

November 29, 2012

Howdy folks,

Today we are going to do our best to show you what Honkfest looks like from the eyes of Church Marching Band, and from front row in the crowd. These pictures best exemplify our interpretation of the spirit of Honk. From the parades, to the parties, to the people we met, there were surprises in every tasty, honky morsel. We hope that the finely composed photographs that follow evoke something close to the wide variety of great feelings [(~~**vibes**~~)] we experienced at Honk.

November 28, 2012

Now that we've been home from our East Coast tour for a good two months, we figured you might like to see evidence that we actually went. To start off the next week of daily blog posts chronicling the most epic of tours, today we have selected for you what is lovingly dubbed as a "photo dump". The following photos are from one of our favorite sets of the tour, which took place in a tiny alley off of Chester Street in Somerville, MA. 'Twas the third day of Honkfest and we got way too bruised from rolling on the ground, pantsed Jeremy too revealingly, made too many new homies, and danced with them all too hard in the rain as the sun went down.

September 26, 2012

Church is playing a pretty outrageously kickass string of shows in New York, through Boston Honk's sister fest, Honk NYC. Thanks to Sara Valentine of Hungry March Band for being the world's most impressive coordinator, we're on to play three insane events on Tuesday October 9th, Thursday October 11th, and Friday October 12th. We will parading to East Williamsburg's Paper Box on the 9th, to the Jalopy Theatre & School of Music with Chicago's Environmental Encroachment on the 11th, and at Gemini & Scorpio's Gowanus Loft on the 12th. For all you Sonoma County folk, pass this on to your NYC friends who are into ridiculously loud music, weirdly attired marching bands, and an insane party. Or take the best road trip of your life. Also, check out all the bands we'll be playing with--They deserve your attention.

P.S. We might be playing on the Staten Island Ferry. No big deal.

September 19, 2012

Big news... Church Marching band will officially be on the East Coast from October 3rd to the 17th. We will be playing at Boston HONK! festival from October 5th-7th. We will also be performing in New York city during the bulk of the following week, with dates and venue information to follow. A huge thank you to everyone who made this possible, most notably the North Bay Bohemian for giving us their award and getting our name out there, Fred Ashman of Philadelphia for his amazing donation, Chris Cory (of Hubbub Club fame) for being our biggest supporter, and every person who stopped for 5 minutes to throw a dollar in our tip jar. East Coast-- Get ready, we're stoked.

September 19, 2012

Welcome to the new Church website! We will still be updating our Facebook page regularly, but we wanted to provide everyone with an opportunity to stay better connected with us. On this page, you will find links to our upcoming events, and the links on the upper right hand corner of the page will lead you to various Church media and ways to contact us. If you are a friend, feel free to email us if you'd like to be added to our list of venues, bands, and local businesses and organizations we like (found on our "Connect" page). You can also now find us on twitter at twitter.com/chrchmrchngbnd. Enjoy, and please write us with any suggestions on how our website can better serve you at churchmarchingband@gmail.com

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